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Supporting Financial Professionals

Niche Knowledge to Serve the Needs of a Growing Population

The growing population of seniors aging into long-term care planning is enormous. This swell of consumer need is accompanied by shifting industry regulations and increasingly complex health and housing choices. Unless you specialize in long-term or healthcare planning, helping these clients can be a challenge. Consider how the Lifecare Affordability Plan (LCAP™) could be the perfect fix and complement to your practice.

The LCAP is a fixed-fee financial plan that gives families a clear and documented strategy to help them afford the care that they need. As your partner, the LCAP team provides deep strategic expertise on a one-time basis – crafting best-care scenarios that align with your investment strategy. Your clients benefit through:


The continuity of working with you as their trusted advisor combined with the experienced, knowledgeable team at LCAP


A proven and compassionate planning process that provides and actionable plan for the whole family to rally around


Greater security and confidence in their ability to plan for the best care possible

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Think of it as evidence-based lifecare.

During a health crisis, the difference between thriving or surviving is directly correlated to having an action plan. Yet, all too often, health crisis planning is an afterthought by administrators — in part because talking about money is the last thing anyone wants to do. (That’s where we come in.) Introducing clients to Lifecare Affordability Planning can boost financial security and customer satisfaction scores.

Think of us as a strategic partner.

Discussing money matters may be uncomfortable for direct care providers. But a health crisis can become a financial one, if not managed proactively. That’s why we offer affordable lifecare plans that are tailored to individual circumstances. There are many different types of care. But the one we all care about most is getting the right knowledge at the right time. Introduce your clients to Lifecare Affordability Planning. And they’ll feel more comfortable investing in you. 

Our Promise To You


We operate to the highest fiduciary standard with a conservative approach to compliance that you can trust.

We understand the importance of trust in the relationships you have with your clients, and the impact that it has on your business. We honor that in every interaction.

The resource you need to meet your organization’s goals.

A partnership with LCAP can open doors to growth, client satisfaction as well as added security.

Differentiate your Practice.

Offer a service that is highly attractive to a population that is experiencing tremendous growth.

Grow your Business.

We’ll handle the high-touch management of long-term care planning – freeing you up to work on other accounts.

Position Clients for Success.

Optimizes liquidity planning, portfolio planning, tax-planning and the decision-making sequence.

Avoid Regulatory Issues.

Frequent changes to the regulatory landscape at the Federal, Industry and State level mean you benefit from working with experts who know the ropes.

Let's have a conversation. Email or call (703) 940-3485 to schedule a meeting time.

There’s a better way to advise.

When a health crisis hits, financial planning is only half the battle. We’re here to help you distinguish your practice by advising clients more holistically. Offering Lifecare Affordability Plans demonstrates your specialized guidance; it also helps protect their assets, safeguard their legacy, empower their decisions, and make the most of their resources. Of course, the ultimate goal is to maximize their quality of life.

Build stronger client relationships.

You take pride in advising your clients. But it’s the way you go above and beyond that sets you apart. Show clients that you’re thinking long-term, beyond retirement, estate planning, and other traditional financial milestones. When you expect the unexpected on their behalf, they’ll appreciate that you have their well-being top of mind. And it will deepen their confidence in you.

  • Our Team

    We have over 20 years of experience—personal, professional and volunteer—in the senior housing and healthcare field.

    • LCAP creator Tom West is a seasoned financial planner with an emphasis on advising families struggling with a life-changing diagnosis.
    • Marketing and Outreach Director Arvette Reid has 15 years of professional experience in senior housing and healthcare.
  • case-study-center

    Case Study

    Michael and April were a young couple in their mid-forties grappling with Michael’s devastating diagnosis of early-stage dementia. Michael was a sophisticated investor and active stock trader – and in denial about the effect his diagnosis would have on that role.

  • How to Best Serve Aging Clients

    Tom West, Partner, SEIA met with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss the comprehensive wealth firm and how advisors can best serve aging clients.