Whom We Serve

We specialize in helping families in need and supporting their professional teams.

We serve people whose loved ones are facing a health crisis, and also work closely with their providers and other professional advisors.


George, 78
Diagnosed with Dementia in 2017, but showed symptoms for years. Now he needs help. Most hopeful that he can keep 1) communicating to and 2) taking care of his wife. Most fearful that his care will be a burden. Most fearful that identity erodes with disease.

Jenny, 77
Primary caregiver for George. Knew something was wrong years ago but covered for/supported him. Most hopeful that they can stay together. Most hopeful that he can be taken care of with love and dignity. Most fearful of loneliness. Most fearful of financial cost of care and what it means for George and her

Marie, 51 (Family Caregiver)
Caught off guard by George’s care needs. Works full time, married with two teenage daughters. Trying to understand care needs/Dementia and ways to help. Most hopeful for cooperation and coordination with family, friends, and caregivers for best support. Most hopeful for opportunity to improve relationship with parents during last phase of retirement. Most fearful for the cost of care, mom’s health and wellbeing, and intrusion/disruption in her life

Anna (Care Coordinator)
Evaluated George and home setting for care needs. Recommended plan of care that includes family, adult day care, and some home care help. Hopeful that family finds value/credibility in care plan and takes action. Hopeful that good family can come together. Fearful that family delays taking action, denies need for change right now. Fearful that family is at risk for medical or behavioral “event” that leaves everyone scrambling

We help individuals prepare for the future.

We also serve a growing number of individuals and couples who are concerned about burdening their families and wish to take proactive steps now to plan for their own future eldercare expenses.

We offer personal guidance to families in crisis.

We serve families in the DC area who are struggling to provide the best possible in-home or institutional care for incapacitated elderly spouses or relations, particularly those facing cognitive decline. Often they come to us overwhelmed by the complexities of lifecare, health insurance, and Medicare and Medicaid regulations. Many are headed by spouses suddenly playing the role of chief financial decisionmakers, or by children experiencing major disruptions to their own lives. These caregivers face significant expenses that affect their own quality of life and even their financial security. As bills mount, they are unsure whether they have enough resources to meet all of their loved ones’ needs and are confused about their options for assistance. We specialize in helping these families feel back in control of their financial lives.


And we work closely with care professionals, attorneys, CPAs and other professional advisors.

By introducing their clients to Lifecare Affordability Planning, administrators and admissions directors can help clients bolster their financial security and make private pay admissions accessible to more patients. The result can be increased financial stability for the organization and higher customer satisfaction ratings. Direct care professionals can help reduce attrition and better ensure each patient can pay for the highest standard of care.

Attorneys and other advisors. Lifecare Affordability Planning helps professionals distinguish their practices by offering a new way to protect clients’ assets, safeguard their legacy, and make the most of their resources to maximize care. You can give clients greater comfort and peace of mind, and build stronger, longer-lasting client relationships.