woman hugging her mother

Exploring SHARE Plan Case Studies—With Guest, Christi Clark

Oftentimes, when families are managing a chronic illness diagnosis like dementia, the conversations they have about money aren’t really about the money.

Today, Arvette Reid and Tom West are joined by special guest and Executive Director of Insight Memory Care Center, Christi Clark, to explore how family conversations can be guided to uncover the real fears or hopes behind a family’s financial discussion.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Christi helps families become more aware and accepting of their need for help
  • How Insight Memory Care Center addresses diagnosed individuals’ fear of losing their autonomy
  • What factors are involved in the decision for individuals to age-in-place or move out of their homes
  • And more!

Join Arvette, Tom, and Christi now as they share their insight and recommendations to help families have compassionate and helpful conversations about money.

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