Partnering with you on the best care plan

What’s Included in the Lifecare Affordability Plan®

What exactly does an actionable health and financial plan look like? The Lifecare Affordability Plan includes both a process and a documented plan that outlines several likely care scenarios and their financial implications. We create the plan, collaboratively with you, over the course of three meetings. As part of your engagement with our team, you’ll receive the following:


Coordination with Healthcare Services
We work directly with healthcare providers to fully understand each senior’s care plan and potential clinical paths. Your LCAP will be care plan-driven and actionable—engineered to help you pay for the best care possible at a sustainable level.


Comprehensive Financial Review
We review all available income, assets, government benefits, liabilities and ongoing costs to get a “big picture” of your financial situation. We include easy-to-understand financial comparisons of alternate courses of action, such as home healthcare versus a skilled nursing home—enabling you to make more confident, informed decisions.


Easy-to-Follow Budgets
We model scenarios to maximize care options while minimizing the financial impact on your family’s security and quality of life.


Funding Sequencing
We explore healthcare funding sequencing, so you know where to pull funds from first, how to minimize tax ramifications, and what triggers to consider for government programs eligibility.


Family Education and Guidance
We communicate in plain and simple language with the family members you choose to include, and provide step-by-step guidance and ongoing support.


Asset Management
As a separate agreement, we will co-create customized investment portfolios designed to help preserve assets and generate liquidity while managing risk.

Guides for the Journey

Our team has decades of experience working with families who have found themselves in the same difficult place where you stand now. While every family’s journey is unique — the landscape of Medicaid, care settings, legal considerations, asset protection and investing — are all well-known to us. We’ve learned how to help guide families like yours to a best-care scenario — a plan to provide the best quality care you can afford, with details customized to your loved one’s unique needs.


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