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Seeking to Bridge a Gap

Over two decades as a financial planner, LCAP™ founder Tom West gained significant experience in advising families struggling with how to support a loved one diagnosed with a chronic illness, disability or dementia. Tom became aware of an opportunity to improve the long-term care planning experience for clients facing a life-changing diagnosis.

In 2018, Tom launched the Lifecare Affordability Plan, a financial planning and asset management solution designed to provide families with a financial strategy that meets changing healthcare needs while preserving the caregiver’s quality of life.

As LCAP began to take shape it became clear that financial professionals were not the only, or the most influential, stakeholder in each family’s decision-making process. Partnering with critical advisors like you adds value to your practice, and helps your clients to plan and pay for the best care they can afford.


How We Help

While our role differs depending on the profession of our partners, there are some benefits we bring to everyone involved in the long-term care planning and financing process.

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    We facilitate decision-making according to a proven, streamlined model that is grounded in compassion, active listening and realistic goal setting. If your clients are paralyzed by the complexity of the future as they see it, we can help.

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    Our fiduciary responsibility aligns with the highest standard of care, professionalism and ethics. We understand the importance of the trust and relationship that you have with your clients, and we’ll honor that at all times.

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    We support your role in the client’s plan and honor the primacy of your relationship. With our involvement, we can help ensure that your prescription – be it a care plan, legal advice or financial plan – is executed successfully.

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    We can help you evolve your business model and grow your business, by adding a unique offering, streamlining your processes, bolstering the relationships you have with your clients and increasing their financial stability.