Financial guidance that supports care scenarios

How it works

The LCAP™ process is a proven and well-defined method. It takes place over the course of three meetings with our advisors, with calls between meetings as needed to complete the work.

  • 1

    Meeting 1: Define Reality

    First we need to get a clear picture of your current reality – the details of your health, finance, family and living situations. We look for inputs from your family, caregivers and healthcare ecosystem. We’ll also dig deep into two formative questions that will provide the basis for the best care scenario: What are you most hopeful for? What are you most concerned about? The LCAP team will then build several scenarios based on the discovery process.

  • 2

    Meeting 2: Review Care Scenarios

    Our second meeting is a collaborative review of the scenarios we create for you. These plans factor in different approaches to cash flow, investment, estate planning, risk tolerance and care choices. We’ll discuss the different scenarios, collect your feedback and refine the plan to address your concerns.

  • 3

    Meeting 3: Delivery of the Lifecare Affordability Plan

    In our final meeting, we’ll deliver a concrete and actionable guide, in the form of a binder, which is designed to help you move forward with confidence. This tangible plan has built in event-triggered sensitivity, with contingencies to account for most likely scenarios and potential changes. This roadmap provides you with a single, agreed-upon document that allows everyone in the family to be on the same page.

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