talking to clients about money

Exploring the Money-Talk Taboo: Part 2

Tom West and Arvette Reid are back to explore the money-talk taboo. Today, they discuss why professionals in the senior housing and healthcare industry are uncomfortable with talking to their clients about money.

Using Arvette’s valuable first-hand experience in the healthcare industry, she and Tom discuss:

  • Reasons why healthcare professionals may have a low comfort level with money-talk
  • The challenges with clients’ lack of understanding around their future healthcare costs
  • How administrators or executive directors can use lifecare affordability planning to help clients
  • A real-life success story about using lifecare affordability planning to bridge the gap between healthcare and finances to get a client the best care possible
  • And more!

Click below to tune in now for another insightful episode about money-talk barriers and the importance of breaking them down.

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