psychological hurdles

Psychological Hurdles to Thriving

When a health crisis occurs, we all want to thrive. 

However, there are psychological hurdles that may make us resistant to accepting the help we need in order to achieve our best possible outcomes.

Today, Tom West and Arvette Reid discuss common psychological hurdles that keep people from thriving. They explore the deeper meanings behind people’s resistance and share how they help clients overcome those barriers.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The deeper meaning behind people’s desires to keep making their own decisions
  • How brain function under stress can impact your ability to make decisions
  • Which form of resistance Tom sees himself having as he ages
  • How Tom and Arvette approach clients who don’t believe a health crisis will ever happen to them
  • And more

Join Tom and Arvette now to learn about psychological hurdles to thriving, and how it’s still possible to thrive in the midst of a health crisis.

Resources:  Lifecare Affordability Plan | SEIA