young couple empowered

Staying Hopeful During a Long Decline

Michael (age 47) and April (age 46) were a young couple grappling with a devastating diagnosis. Michael, a computer science professional, had early-stage dementia. Michael inherited money from his parents and was a sophisticated investor and active stock trader, effectively managing several million dollars in assets by the time of his diagnosis. April was a long-time stay-at-home mom, responsible for caring for their two children. The couple’s financial advisor, feeling a sense of urgency as a result of Michael’s diagnosis, referred them for a Lifecare Affordability Plan® (LCAP).

When we met Michael and April, it was clear that the couple wasn’t yet ready to make any changes in their financial management, but they hired the LCAP team to make some projections and set the stage for future financial decisions. The LCAP process helped April accept the need to take a more active role in managing the couple’s finances, and served as a catalyst for April to renew her teaching certification in preparation for going back to work.

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